Pet Spotlight

Pet Spotlight: Tyler “PupperNutter” Wither’s Story


Doc and I adopted Tyler in 2006 from the Winchester SPCA. Her story is an endearing one for an awesome dog that has been our #1 pup for over 10 years now!

The trip to get Tyler started out like any typical engaged couple’s journey to the animal shelter. I distinctly remember saying, “We’re not getting a dog. We’re just looking.” Famous last words, huh?

So, we looked around the kennels. We saw some amazing dogs but none that really fit into our lives. Then, in the last cage sat Tyler. Her four-month-old tail was wagging as if we were old friends. I turned to Doc and said “If we were going to get a dog… We’d get this dog.” She was, and is, so cute!

Tyler at 4-months-old 🙂 

So, I went to the front desk to ask if we could take her out on the leash and play with her in the yard. The kennel attendant told us that she had been recently abandoned in an apartment and she hadn’t been signed over to the pound for adoption yet. We would later find out that her shrill bark was the most likely reason she was brought into the puppy pound. Phew… Just saying. So, disappointed, we walked back to the kennel to say goodbye to this adorable dog. Just then, as if fate had sent us to her and her to us, the gentleman talking to the chihuahua puppy next to her said that she was his dog and asked us, “Do you want her?”

And the rest is history.

Tyler has taught us so many lessons about patience and understanding. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

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